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New improved Orderlist 5.1c questions

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Hello all,

I just fifnished installing/debuuging orderlist 5.1c on a linux box.

Just want to share a few findings and perhaps get an answer or two.


!) The zip has a space in the filename. Linux does not support it.

I renamed it Orderlist_5_1_c.zip , and sent it over to the linux box


2) the unziped directory says 5.1a


3) the instructions are fairly complete but there are a few details left out

that may be "gotchas" for the unwary or the uninitiated.

There are buttons and an icon that that need to be added to the respective files.

(just follow the directory chain and you will find the additional directories.)

Also DON"T overwrite the directory(s) , but just add the *.gif(s) to them.


4) The orderlist.php file crashed at first run due to an undefined function now() on line 21.

I commented line 21 out and voila! , the generate list button gave me an EXPLICIT detailed list.


Where is this non-working now() function defined? Anyone got a fix?

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