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New product displayed outside of catalog

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I think it is very hard to find things in this forum. It is a bit unorganized. Let me offer a little advice to whoever is in charge and then I'll ask my question. There should be a board for completed contributions, a board for contributions people would like to see, a help section for those who need help writing a contribution, and a board for contribution templates and graphics. This will slow down on people posting the same questions that have been asked a thousand times.


Anyway...I am just trying to see if there is something created or a way that I can display New Products outside of the catalog. When you go into the catalog there is a box that says "What's New" and there is a picture of the latest product. I would like for that to show up on a different page in my site...mainly the main page. That way if someone is visiting the site they see new product and click on the image and then they are relocated to that item in the catalog. Understood? Hopefully. :wink:

I thought that this could just be done by inserting some php into whatever page you wanted this to display in or maybe just using SSI...or maybe not.

Anyones help is greatly appreciated.

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In the upper left corner of the screen ... click Downloads ...


Now look in the Contributions and find the contribution for displaying products out side the store ... it's in there ... :shock:

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