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CCGV Trad working off products_price

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Hi folks,


Anyone had this problem?


I installed CCGV(Trad) ages ago and never used it. Folks just haven't bought gift vouchers from us!


We have just sent out a newsletter with a discount code and visitors to the site are using the code as intended, but, the totals are working on the base product price rather than the final price when attributes that + or - the base price are used.


For example: Base price is £15. Kids T-Shirts are base - £2 @ £13, Hoodies are base + £10 @ £25 etc etc.


A 5 garment order of mixed items is discounting 5 x £15, rather than the attribute adjusted "final_price" values.


As I ask, has anyone else had this problem? I do have a very heavily modded cart (it's been online nearly 5 years now) and it's very possible it's something unrelated to CCGV, but I thought I'd ask the question anyway.






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