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Authorize.net AIM not working!

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I've searched these forums for days and not found the solution to my prolem. I have configured Authorize.net AIM (3.1) as I believe is correct and have installed the Authorize.net AIM contribution payment module and what happens is, when I try to do a test check out, it gets stuck on checkout_process.php - just a blank page.


Through testing, I have isolated the line of code that it's choking on but have no idea why it's just stopping here. I don't think it's the checkout_process.php page because it's not doing that with other payment modules.


Anyway, the line it's getting stuck at is this one:


// load the before_process function from the payment modules



Please help! I'm desperate for a solution!


Thank you!

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Just replying to this for the forum community... They brought me in as a consultant to get a few things working at the same site and I spent like 2 hours debugging the authorizenet aim module, when at the end the problem was just a bad x_tran_key!!!


Best way to test this is from a shell with curl, just print out the $data variable the module is trying to pass to the server, and in a shell do:


curl -s -d "x_login=[yourapilogin]&x_tran_key=[yourtxnkey]&.....[rest of $data]&x_test_request=TRUE" https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll


it should gives you the response, if you get "3,1,103,(TESTMODE) This transaction cannot be accepted.", it means either you are submitting both transaction key and your password, or your transaction key is incorrect. (at least this was what i was told via their live chat). Either case is easy to fix.


From the anet PDF doc, this is the description of error code 3, 103:


A valid fingerprint, transaction key, or password is required for this transaction.


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