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Hi, all.

I am Newbiews from Japan, help me.


I installed osc at




There are folders(directry) admin, catalog, download, extras, includes and pub under myhomepage.


I moved all files in catalog folder (directly) to myhomepage .



I edit



and then





my start page view satisfy me.


Admin view I can add new category and new products.

After I added new category and new products.

New categolry and new products appear on the my start page, I guess it is catalog view.


But there is big, big problem.


When I click any Link on my start page, the message comes "There is no server or the sever cann't be found."(the phrase is tranlated by me. Original is Japanese)


That is I cannot move any more from home page( top page) .

That means the store does not work at all.


What should I do?

I guess the Link in some files must be edited, however, I don't know.


Please help me.

Sorry for my poor English.

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