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Multiple Customer email addresses?

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I have several customers who would like order updates to be sent to multiple individuals at their company. (i.e. Buyer gets one, operations manager gets one and a on site foreman gets one)

The delivery of my product affects all of their schedules.


Is there a contribution that would allow me to add the ability for customers to add additional emails for order updates or added via the order editor by admin by me if that is quick and easy?


It would be best if the extra email addresses where only related to a single particular order, like the Online FedEx Ship Manager tracking updates.



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I like these mods, there fun! ...65 70 72 75 80 85 125+ contributions installed and counting...


Tools I'm using: OSC2.2 milestone2, Filezilla for FTP, PHP Designer 2007PE (nice), Araxis Merge 6.5 to compare files, XP(my box), Remote Server is shared Apache 1.3 Cpanel, CURL, and PHPmyAdmin through my hosts Cpanel to mess up the database.

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