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Confused on STS

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Hey All,


I'm a total newbie to OSC... i've got my install up & running, configured and with the help of Easy Populate.. uploaded 650 products this evening. Now I'm ready to template my store. I know the latest version of STS is V4. and i've come across the link for 4.5.6 but the download only has 4 files in it and the read me says it's a patch.


Can someone please direct me to the appropriate link to find the full installation of STS.


Then another question.. once I download and install the full installation, I assume that I need to handle the bug fix in v4.5.6?


Thanks Much,



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The contributions are located in the contributions section (see above Community menu item). Some people choose to upload partial packages, although I still can't figure out why, but I think it is just laziness. When they do, you have to weed through to find the last full update and then apply those partial files too. The best thing to do is ask in the support thread for STS. Someone who actually uses STS is more likely to see your questions there.



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