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Help! status listing 1.0.0

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So i followed all of the instructions for status listing but half way through the walkthrough, the instructions no longer match the pages that I have on my OSC version (11-16).

What do I do now? Is there an updated version of this?


I tried the module the way it is and I got the yellow/green/red button thingy to work. But I am unable to edit the items, or even get into the right box of the admin page where it lets you add, edit, delete.. etc. (that whole right side is gone! I get a Php error instead. Please advise. I wish I could be more specific but I cant!


I simply want the items to display "in stock" or "out of stock" automatically when the inventory count reaches zero.


If Im not mistaken, freeforcall v4.0 does something similar too...

is that right? Is there something simpler out there for what I need?

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