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Automatic EasyPopulate export with cron

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Hi all,


I currently use EasyPopulate (2.76c-MS2) to export and import product information to a CSV file. I'd like to automate the export process so that it runs once a day, and drops a file called "products.csv" into a publicly-accessible directory (ie httpdocs/somefolder/products.csv).


It seems that cron is probably the way to do this, but I have two questions:


1. EP lives in the httpdocs/admin folder, which is protected by .htaccess. How do I get around the admin password, short of moving EP to a folder under the httpdocs root (with associated path changes etc); and


2. How do I tell EP to dump the file into a different location than the normal ep-temp folder?



My guess on number 2 is to simply use a modified easypopulate.php file, with different paths/folder names to output, but I have no idea about question 1.


I know this has been asked before, but I can't find a definitive answer. Can anyone assist please?




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Or maybe 


$file = tep_get_uploaded_file('usrfl');

and change to:

$file = $_GET['csv'];

and call 

i dont test this.

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