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Newbie needs help installing contribution

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Hi there!


I am trying to install a discount coupon contribution... I managed to upload the files file in Step 1, but I don't understand what it is telling me in step 2...


**************** STEP 2 ****************

Create the database tables


Run these statements via the SQL tab in phpMyAdmin.



CREATE TABLE discount_coupons (

coupons_id varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',

coupons_description varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',

coupons_discount_percent decimal(7,4) default NULL,

date_start datetime default NULL,

date_end datetime default NULL,

max_use int(3) NOT NULL default 0,

min_order decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',

PRIMARY KEY (coupons_id)



CREATE TABLE discount_coupons_to_orders (

discount_coupons_to_orders_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

coupons_id varchar(32) default NULL,

orders_id int(11) default 0,

PRIMARY KEY (discount_coupons_to_orders_id)




Can anybody give me clear instructions? Remembering that I am a newbie?


Many Thanks In Advance!

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Okay, so I have now installed it with help... it's the discount coupon codes btw...


I can sew install it in the order total module section... but I don't see where to get the rest working...


No option to add coupons comes up at checkout, and I don't know where I get the codes from anyway.


Can someone help please?

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