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Export orders into csv

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9 hours ago, ralgiere said:

Can someone PLEASE look at I have posted and at least make a few suggestions?

That is a custom csv file so only you can say if it's as you configured it.



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I still have a small problem (Frozen version):
When the client has a name and two-membered surname after the second space it cuts off all the words
Johnny Bravo Scott
after export to csv I only have Johnny Bravo
Truncates only when a space after the second word is used

Where can I correct it so that it doesn't cut?
Edited by driven22

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You should use


separation for csv's

  $order_dump = DIR_FS_TMP.'order_dump.csv';

  $order_dump = fopen($order_dump ,"a") or die(" error opening - $order_dump \n");  


  fclose($file_handle) or die(" error closing $order_dump"); 


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I would like csv to export the order amount when the shipping payment is higher or equal to 19$ (My cod is 19$) and show e.g. in the $cod field in exportordes.php

It is needed for cash on delivery COD when importing to DHL or other courier.

I've been trying to enter the rule for a few days - but I'm too weak in php to do this.

Currently, order_total ($Order_Grand_Total) shows regardless of the chosen payment method or payment amount:

// --------------------    QUERIES 7  ------------------------------------//
//Orders_Total -
$orders_total = tep_db_query("select value from orders_total
where class = 'ot_total' and orders_id = " . $Orders_id);
//$row_orders_total = tep_db_fetch_array($orders_total);
while($row_orders_total = mysqli_fetch_array($orders_total)) {
 // end //
$Order_Grand_Total = $row_orders_total["value"];

Can I count on your help?



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