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I have installed the PayPal_IPN_v2.2

Directories are: /var/www/html/plugins/vsc/catalog/


IPN directories are installed: catalog/ext/ catalog/includes/


The ipn seems to post to paypal with no problem and paypal makes the transaction correctly and returns to the checkout_success.php page and tells you that your order is processing and thanks you, but does not list the items for you to be notified about for updates ( $products_displayed = array();).

Also the IPN does not post back from PayPal to update oscommerce. It shows that no orders were made. Although it does store them when you look through phpMyAdmin.


We have searched the ssl error logs and it seems that the ext directory cannot be found.

Here is the message that PayPal cannot find the directory:

[Tue Aug 07 08:31:43 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/html/plugins/vsc/ext


Our ext directory is inside catalog (see above) but is not included in the error message. Where can we adjust the path to include catalog/ext? Or is there some other problem we are missing?


Thanks in advance

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