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How to add product name in paypal notification email

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It have works before, but later not works, may be lead by some contribute apply.


what I want to is:

The payment received email send from paypal included products name in the content, it should read like this:

Email title:Notification of Payment Received

Email body:

Payment Details


Total Amount: $45.00 USD

Currency: U.S. Dollars

Transaction ID: 287934782P234290R

Quantity: 1

Item/Product Name: sony ps3 60G --- this is product webpage title

"this is product webpage title" is what I set from /catalog/admin


I notice I have applied one contribution which display product name in product_info page, so the page title of the product read like this

"sony ps3 60G --- this is product webpage title"


But after click "Add to cart" button in the product info page, the title of "shopping_cart.php" changed back to "this is product webpage title" which I can set from /catalog/admin.

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