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Can you please take a look at my site and give me your two cents?

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OK, I am working on getting my OS Commerce webstore tweaked (professionally) on a somewhat limited budget (i.e. just the bare essentials for now). I seem to be getting some decent traffic now (although I just added some key terms to help search engine optimization and am working on getting more of it. I am also still adding products in the 1:18, 1:144 and 1:42 scale, but have a good number of products already in the store.


I'd like two things:


1.) Please take a peek at www.warbirdcollectibles.com and tell me what I am doing well and also what I should improve upon (remember - limited budget)...


2.) I've noticed a lot of people add items to their shopping carts, but only about 1 in 15 that does completes the check out process and results in a paying order. I've also had a few that stop in the middle of checking out, creating a "hung" order in Paypal and I don't get a response when I try to follow up with them. I don't know of any way to check what they looked at last before they left with items in their cart, etc. I am wondering if this is very common in the OS Commerce arena? I had the website created/setup by a professional and I know it works and I've tried to be as customer friendly as possible. I am wondering what the issue is or whether this is all normal. My prices are in line (if not a little less expensive) than my competitors. Any thoughts, feedback or personal experiences in this arena would be appreciated.


Thanks and I look forward to your input!



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