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[Contribution] Who's Shopping

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Who's Shopping Contribution - July 26 2007

- a simple modification to the Who's Online admin page


The contribution removes the need to click on everyone in the Who's Online list to see if they are active shoppers or not.


It adds a new column in the Who's Online report in the admin section. The column is called Shopping and by default it shows N for (N)o they are not shopping.


When a shopper places an item in their basket, it changes to Y for (Y)es they are shopping.


If a user removes the last item from their basket and the basket is now empty, it changes to E for (E)mpty basket but customer was shopping.


You can find the simple instructions - 4 file edits and 1 line of sql - at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5319


Any problems please let me know.

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