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Order total zero

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On my shopping site, i found an order with total zero. Following is the detail of the order. I have tried so many ways in searching how this is possible, but found nothing.


Products Model Tax Price (ex) Total (ex)

6 x Instant Coffee Granules, Clipper, (100g) 0% £3.00 £18.00

6 x Fine Cane Sugar Organic, (500g) 0% £0.96 £5.76

6 x Machu Pichu Mountain Special Ground Coffee, Cafe Direct (227g) 0% £3.61 £21.68

6 x Organic Blend Tea, Clipper, (80 bags) 0% £2.48 £14.88


Sub-Total: £60.32

site shipping (shipping charge**): £6.06

Total: £0.00

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