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Use of osCommerce Trademark

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Like a lot of people where I do commercial work using osCommerce. Like many here I run Adwords Campaigns.


I just got an email from Google disallowing all my ads because I used a trademark term, namely, osCommerce.


The osCommerce TradeMark policy states that


Using The osCommerce Name

Usage of the osCommerce name is allowed if no alterations have been made, such as incorrect casing (OsCommerce, OSCommerce, ..) or incorrect spelling (os-Commerce, OS Commerce, ..).


The correct casing and spelling to use is osCommerce.



So I think I am within the law in terms of my use. I have complained to Google about it. But I want to hear what others have to say ....




Projects Director @ ozEworks.com

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Hi Kym..


A complaint was filed with Google earlier concerning companies abusing our trademarks within their ad campaigns. Using "osCommerce" in the ad text is no longer allowed but is allowed to be used as a keyword for the ad campaign.


This stops our "competition" from falsely presenting themselves as osCommerce within their ad campaigns.


If this has affected you please optimize your ad campaign with the use of keywords.

:heart:, osCommerce

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This topic is now closed to further replies.