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STS and $context

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Hi all,


After going from online shopping cart software to online shopping cart software trying to find something I could actually CUSTOMIZE the look of, I ended up back at osCommerce, and STS. STS is great - it's allowed me to create the site, and plug in things as I go.


My question is, how can I change the layout of what $content shows?


For example, When I click on a category on the list, it shows the items inside it listed in a certain format, ie :


<image> | Product Name | Price | Buy Now


I want to know if I can have say, a HTML template file, that can change this. OR some other way? This means I could have it as :


<image> Product Name



Buy Now


In a table format, similar to that.



I've scoured the forums, and Internet in general - and was hoping someone could elaborate on this for me, and I hope not tell me that it's all created through PHP since I don't really want to hack in to too much code! (rather keep it separate)


Kind Regards,



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