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viaKLIX - Where do I get a SSL for my cart/site?

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I have downloaded and installed the viaKlix_2_2 pmt module. I have also read the posts and implemented the patches kindly provided by "Taiter" and others (thanks guy's for all the hard work) but can somebody please be so kind as to help me with a few things...


In the attached "Instructions.txt" it is stated ..


--- Quote ---

How to install:


Dump the files where they belong and go configure it. <snip> ... Don't do this without SSL

--- End Quote ---



1. viaKLIX provides their own SSL when the transaction is processed *on the viaKLIX site* but this module runs everything on the local site - how do you secure your osCommerce Cart/what do you do for a SSL Certificate?


- Surely people are not paying twice, once to viaKLIX for their gateway that comes with security and then additionally to a second "vendor" for a SSL - or are they?


Advice please!!!



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