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Shipping Rate For Ups Next-day, 2-day, Ground, Etc Based On Weight Only?

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Is there a contribution that do this or how to write it:


(for example, for package weighting 10lbs costing $500,


UPS Ground

1st lbs = $8

each additional pound = +$0.76

Insurance per $100 = $1


it will be calculated $8 +9x$0.76 + $5= $19.84)


UPS 2-Day

1st lbs=$18

each additional pount = +$2.5

Insurance per $100 = $1


UPS 2-Days ==> $18 + (10-1)*$2.5 + $500/$100=$45.5





This is good is you are shipping from different locations. For example, the UPS XML module only give you the option to enter one ship-from location and calculated the shipping rates based on that location. However what if I have to ship from a different location across the country. In these case, I would have under quoted the customer. So in case that the ship-from location is unknown, it is better to give a rate that is not depandent on the ship-from location.

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