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Discounts Plus Version 1.1

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website: bavender.com


The issue is that when customers order6 custom shirts, the website is to apply a 16.67% discount to the final price of the 6 shirts. It works when the custom shirts have a quantity of 6, but when they have 6 different custom shirts in the cart the discount is not applied.


If you test it, create a custom shirt and change the quantity to 6, it will apply the discount. Then try making 6 different shirts, it will not apply the discount.


The issue must be related to the fact that they are added to the cart seperately. Is there a way to check the total of a product category and apply a percentage discount based on the amount ordered? Specifically in quantities of 6? Maybe there is a way to check how many of a product are in shopping_cart.php so a customer can have the discount applied on the total?


I think I had this working previously, however I outsourced to have some work done on the custom shirt ordering page, now it does not work.


Any suggestions, contributions or input is very welcome. I am willing to share code ;0)




Jesse Rooney

Jesse Rooney

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