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2checkout 2co Multi Currency Problem On Pm2checkout 2.1b. I Think No One Can Solve It

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I also working on the contribution (contribution904, pm2checkout 2.1b)..

I am considering changing to another credit card payment system.



1. There is a default currency in all 2CO account. If the default currency is US. 2co expect all cart request is in US.

2. If customer use UK in OSC, then we post the form to 2CO, the contribution convert the x_amount ( cart total) into UK first and also pass a value tco_currecnty with UK.

3. 2CO convert the UK value back to US.

4. Customer will lose since the UK value in OSC is different from 2CO ( 2CO value is always higher due to the exchange rate)

5. We lose customer because of this.



I think it problem can't be fix. It is a limitation of the 2CO cart parameter.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


It will be very good if someone can show me how I can

1. Customer in OSC selected UK with total 30.

2. I directly pass 30UK to 2CO. ( my 2CO is in US, anyway I can only have 1 default value in 2CO)

3. 2CO don't do any convention and display it .


please help



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