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Ajax Tabs (sleektabs Class)

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Hi all,


I found a nice php class that creates ajax tabs. The author calls it Sleektabs.


Preview it here


Download it here


I would like to add this to product_info.php.


I'm no expert at coding but close to getting this to work. Here is what I did.


1) added sleektabs.php to the includes/classes folder.


2)Then in file application_top.php I added this:


// include Sleektabs class

require_once(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'sleektabs.php');



3) The next step is to add the code from index.php into product_info.php. This is where I am a little rusty. It works except the tabs say Loading… and do not load, so surely i've messed something up.


If someone would like to help me on this and / or make a contribution, that would be great. Give all credit to author of course! This could add alot of information to product_info or any other page in an easy way. What would be even better is if the tabs could be data driven. That might be a stretch though.


Thanks to anyone who would like to help!



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This is probably something you'd want to skin using CSS layering. Is that what you had in mind?

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