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Removing Heading_title Space Within Sts V4.5

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I'm needing a knight/knightess in shining armor to give me a magical answer on this one. And I'v searched the forum like mad looking for something like this, so I apologize in advance if it's here, and I missed it.


The question:


How would I go about taking out the heading_title text *and space* from a page if I'm using the STS system? It's existence is 98% okay with me and clearly necessary in many locations, but the new product page, ugh! Here's my page, and you'll note the annoying white bar that breaks the page horizontally:




I want that white stripe gone. Gone. Please, please help.


... thank you... from a girl with a dream (a dream that doesn't include a white stripe)


P.S. I'm new to CSS and php (and osCommerce and STS!), so the more detailed the answer, the better...

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