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Is there anyone on this site that I can hire to help me...

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I have been spending alot of time on these forums and trying for several weeks to get my store going, but this is all so new to me and I really dont have time to try to figure it all out. This may not be where I am supposed to go and look for help, so correct me if I'm wrong and please point me in the right direction. I purchased a fairly expensive OScommerce template and there are still a few functions (I think contributions is the term used here) that I still want implemented into the store, but Im wasting too much time trying to figure this out. I can list all the products and upload the images and I'm fairly good with HTML, i just dont understand this OScommerce stuff and need help. I will pay you for your time, I just didnt want to hire a company to put together a store since it is pretty much put together. I just want to add some other bells and whistles. Thanks for your input

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