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Product_status help please

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I am trying to call a product's status in products_info.php, based on the contribution Product Listing Stock Status 1.0.0

by Ross Lapkoff.


Credit where credit is due!


I have 3 states based on

0 out of stock

1 in stock

2 Pre-order


I have integrated the status in product_listing, new products and am now attempting to do the same for products_info.


My problem is that when I call the function the query is empty.


I have tried a number of variations but to no avail.


It seems that no matter how I do this I can't pass the product_id to the function to return the status name. I even wrote my own function based similar to manufactures name query but still no joy.


Some background.


There is an addition field in products (products_status) which is filled from a new table (products_status_id, products_status_name)

products_status holds the value from products status_ id (0, 1, 2) products_status_name is the text value.


here is a copy of the original function, (which works in products_listing etc)


function tep_get_products_status_name($products_status, $language_id = '') {

global $languages_id;


if (!$language_id) $language_id = $languages_id;

$product_status_query = tep_db_query("select products_status_name from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_STATUS . " where products_status_id = '" . $products_status . "' and language_id = '" . $language_id . "'");

$product_status = tep_db_fetch_array($product_status_query);


return $product_status['products_status_name'];




I most likely can't see the trees for the forest but if anyone has a suggestion - any and or help would be appreciated. If I can get it to work it will end up as a contribution.


Much thanks -


Regards Seb

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I can't see anything unusual inthere but that does not guarantee there isn't :)

What I always do is check if


a) the $variables I use exist (simply 'echo' them)

B) the query does work if I substitute $vars with normal text

(ie where $id=1 instead of where $id=$nr)




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fixed, I realy could'nt see the trees for the forest, I was'nt calling it right


should have been

<?php echo 'Status: ' . tep_get_products_status_name($product_info_values['products_status']); ?>



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I hope this didn't need to be a new thread, but I can't seem to find the contribution you have mentioned, Product Listing Stock Status 1.0.0.


Can you post the link to it?




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