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duplicate the header as the footer

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Hi Toyicebear,


I really liked this contribution. I have 2 questions:


1.) In the style sheet I see how to change the header (I just love that!)

Old site shop site and I want to use your BDP script to add my graphic footer to the footer on store site.


TR.header {

background: #ffffff;

background-image: url("images/table_top7.jpg"); <--made my own change

height: 40px;




I needed a footer that looked the same so I tried:

TR.footer {

background: #ffffff;

background-image: url("images/table_top7.jpg");

height: 40px;




It just made the footer 40px tall! I am sure I missed something here.


2.) Also I have used just the fixed width site with css contrib for another site and I know its the same scipt inside the BDP but it looks different on Digital Embroidery. Can you see the difference in the layout besides the graphical boxes? Digital Emboidery lines up perfecly and Skintopia's header and footer bars are slightly longer...weird.


Again, thanks for your help. I read almost every post, and you have such patience!



“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

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