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Contribution to have customers request admin approval before checkout?

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I'm looking for a contribution that lets the customer select to have the Admin look over their order then once the order is approved they can proceed to checkout.


So for example:


They go to payment option.

Instead of selecting Paypal or Credit Card they select "Have Administrator Edit and Approve Cart Contents".

Once the order is approved they get an e-mail and can then pay for their order.


Is there anything like this? I have looked and could not find anything.

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I am looing the same thing. The customer makes an order and he can not pay until admin approves his order.


Please, if someone know something like this, please , answer.


Thanks in advance!

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I do this at the cc level. When a customer checks out the customer goes to my cc processors site, enters credit card details, card is approved (not charged), and I am notified of the sale. I check the cart and if ok I log on to my credit card processor management console and 'capture' the charge.


The customer never knows a thing, and it happens to ALL sales, not just ones the customer wants checked. Only if I do not approve of the cart would the customer be notified. Faster, more efficient, less hassles.

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