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Linkpoint API Problems

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Check the previous pages of this topic (specifically page 6) to see if your solution is there. If you cannot get godaddy to open port 1129, I suggest moving to a new hosting service, but I remember having this same issue and the port was not the issue, but the config file.




On another note,


Just wanted to thank everyone that worked on this contribution. Without it I would never have been able to complete a full oscommerce install.

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I am really struggling here, I hope someone can help. I have loaded the add on: linkpointconnect2 into my catalog. I put the files where I was supposed to, went to my admin site and configured the module. When I attempt to place an order in either Test or Live mode, I get the following message: "Not possible to order from the store at this time. Contact Merchant (error 1002)"


I've read through this topic but can't find any help. Linkpoint says the problem is not on their end.


Does anyone here have any idea as to what is wrong?

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Ok, this is annoying. I turned the debug emails on but now cannot remember how to turn them off. I know its in linkpoint_api.php, but I cannot find where I'd change a line like "debug emails = true". Can anyone help?

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For those of you having the port 1129 issue that results in the error


Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in/home/content/59/7142359/html/includes/modules/payment/linkpoint_api.php on line 472


I was able to solve this by adding the following line to lphp.php (catalog/includes/modules/payment/linkpoint_api/):


Line 293: curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PORT, 1129);


Hope this helps somebody.




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Hi everyone, I have an error different than any others posted on all the pages of this topic. Im using osc 2.3.1..


Upon clicking "Confirm Order" I get error message on checkout_process.php:


Server error


The website encountered an error while retrieving https://www.mywebsite.com/shop/checkout_process.php. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

Here are some suggestions:

HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.



I havent changed the checkout_process.php from the original package. Can anyone provide some insight as to what this might even seem like is wrong? Thanks in advance!

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I have determined that my host will NOT open port 1129, but before I make the change to a new host I decided to test this scenario on my personal host who opened the port, however I do not have an SSL cert. The thing is that I am getting the exact same error message for both sites.


My error message is below - can anyone tell me if this is the standard error message when not being able to connect due to either not having the port open or having the SSL cert installed? OR does this look like anything else in particular? I appreciate any insight as I am in dire need of getting this working ASAP. Thanks!


at curl_process, incoming data:

host = secure.linkpt.net

port = 1129

keyfile = mysite../includes/modules/payment/linkpoint_api/mystore#.pem

configfile = mystore#

ordertype = PREAUTH

result = LIVE

transactionorigin = ECI

ponumber = 1002

taxexempt = Y

terminaltype = UNSPECIFIED

ip = myip

tax = 0.00

chargetotal = 1.00

cardnumber = 4111111111111111

cardexpmonth = 01

cardexpyear = 13

cvmindicator = not_provided

cvmvalue =

userid = 1

name = john doe

company =

address1 = 3333 Address St

address2 =

city = address

state = AL

country = US

phone = 3034330001

addrnum = 3333 Address St

zip = 12345

sname = john doe

saddress1 = 3333 Address St

saddress2 =

scity = address

sstate = AL

szip = 12345

scountry = US

items =

debugging = true


sending xml string:

<order><orderoptions><ordertype>PREAUTH</ordertype><result>LIVE</result></orderoptions><creditcard><cardnumber>4111111111111111</cardnumber><cardexpmonth>01</cardexpmonth><cardexpyear>13</cardexpyear><cvmvalue></cvmvalue><cvmindicator>not_provided</cvmindicator></creditcard><billing><name>john doe</name><company></company><address1>3333 Address St</address1><address2></address2><city>address</city><state>AL</state><zip>12345</zip><country>US</country><userid>1</userid><phone>3034330001</phone><addrnum>3333 Address St</addrnum></billing><shipping><name>john doe</name><address1>3333 Address St</address1><address2></address2><city>address</city><state>AL</state><zip>12345</zip><country>US</country></shipping><transactiondetails><ponumber>1002</ponumber><taxexempt>Y</taxexempt><terminaltype>UNSPECIFIED</terminaltype><ip>myip</ip><transactionorigin>ECI</transactionorigin></transactiondetails><merchantinfo><configfile> mystore# </configfile><keyfile>mysite../includes/modules/payment/linkpoint_api/mystore#.pem</keyfile><host>secure.linkpt.net</host><port>1129</port></merchantinfo><payment><chargetotal>1.00</chargetotal><tax>0.00</tax></payment> <items> <item> <id>453{1}169{2}2</id> <description>3001C Canvas Men's Unisex T-Shirt</description> <quantity>1</quantity> <price>3.37</price> </item> </items> </order>

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