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Upload Product Contribution - need an opinion on Tax Classes

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We're very close to finishing the module!

So this is what you could add before from the .csv file:



category code

Product name 1

Product Description 1

Product name 2

Product Description 2



Latest additions:



Date available


Have a question about the Tax Class, don't use it myself.

I think it would be easier to do this if say you have:

Tax Class 1

Tax Class 2

Not like in the demo - Taxable Goods


What do you guys think? Would be easy to go to the admin and just change your tax class to 1 or 2 or what ever?


We also added new feature to how the categories are assign. For example if I have:

a category Mice and a subcategory Wireless

a category Keyboards and a subcategory Wireless

how do you distinguish between? Look here:

this is the old way www.ukrainianshop.net/categories.gif

this is the new way www.ukrainianshop.net/categories1.gif

in the new the subcategory is underneeth the category.


We also decided to move the import feature to the Catalog category, we think it's easier then having it in Tools:)


Any other requests, coments?

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I just use a slightly modified Taxable Goods. I don't know how many people use more than one tax class though. BTW, the contrib looks great. Can't wait to test it out ;)

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