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PDF Invoice & packing slip.

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How can change carset/encoding to windows-1251. I want to translate all to Bulgarian but PDF encoding is not working.

I Need Money

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hey?! any help here ?!


Sorry for my english ....


Make new font with charset cp1251 (default charset is cp1252)


for example

ttf2pt1 -a c:\windows\fonts\arial.ttf arial_h


after it, call function define in /fpdf/font/makefont/makefont.php



this function create two file




copy this files to /fpdf/font/


before using font, you need call


SetFont('arial_h', ......)



that's all


p.s. if you want using bold or italic font, you need repeate this procedure for tree fonts:


ttf2pt1 -a c:\windows\fonts\arialbd.ttf arial_hbi

ttf2pt1 -a c:\windows\fonts\ariali.ttf arial_hi

ttf2pt1 -a c:\windows\fonts\arialbi.ttf arial_hbi

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