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Ajax advanced and box search v1.0

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I installed the "Ajax advanced and box search v1.0" (Original contribution by Assembler, Modified and addapted by Joop) contribution (from contribution site) but I have difficulties with this contrib. Everything works fine but this contrib would need some little improvements - they're 2 exactly:


1) The contrib is case-sensitive, what's wrong and should work as non-case-sensitive search.

2) The contrib doesn't support other languages' special characters (in my case central Europe - Czech Republic - ěščř etc.) and thus works bad when using MSIE.


I haven't changed the code of course, so if anyone is able to help me with fixing these disadvantages I would be glad.



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I found out the problem - wrong database collation was set. Before it was cp1250_czech_cs, now it's cp1250_general_ci. Thx.

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