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Modifying the search results page

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I have a current database with only one table which was used as an online catalog (no e-commerce) which we are migrating to the 2.2 version of OSC. in our current database, people can query, display a product list, choose what products they want and create a custom product list they can print.



When using the advanced search feature, we're looking to do the same thing:


End results page is to be used for printing a customized product list.


Ability to search for more then one manufacturer at a time




For all the results that are displayed, have checkboxes next to each product that would allow us to pick what products we want to choose. click a button, then the same list appears with only the product listing that we checked off.


I'm not having any luck, maybe because I've been at it too long.. any ideas?


Thanks very much.



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