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Unable to connect to production.shippingapis.com

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Hey guys I'm getting the following error message


Warning: fsockopen90: unable to connect to production.shippingapis.com:80

in /home/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/html/includes/classes/http_client.php on line 330


I see other people getting this error on the forums, mostly in older posts so I assume that someone came up with a fix somewhere. I tried stopping and restarting the module as someone said this helped them.. it does not help me. The owner of the website tells me this error only happens sometimes and always with AOL browser (I've explained to him not to get his hopes up on having anything work with AOL browser)


At first I assumed that productions.shippingapis.com was down and I tried to ping them. they didn't respond. This made me thing USPS changed server names but it turns out the host simply doesn't respond to ping. It is running a web server and it is there.


I would very much appreciate any help you could provide.



I am very new to OScommerce and am just trying to help my friend out before he loses any more money!

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