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I have information pages unlimited v 2.0 running fine except 2 small " errors"


When i go to the webshop all is fine meaning the information box shows the heading text:




When i click on a link to a info page

1th: the url in the addressbar of the browsers says:mysite.com/-i-1.html

2: the information box heading shows: HEADING_TITLE instead of jsut INFORMATION.

Somehow, somewhere things get mixed up..


I have original files in place and also saw then when i let the contact page link show up in that information box

and i click it ... the heading title is Contact so it looks like it became dynamic....and i think that is not the idea right?


( i only display custom pages, all standard info pages in oscommerce are elsewhere in the website )


Anyone with a hint, clue or solution?



Thanks a lot!!!

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