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Hi Folks!

I have installed the PWA_1_2_3 contrib but have experimented the following problems:


1) In the Admin Panel the "Purchase without account" and "Purchase without account Shippingaddress" appear two time (!!!)

2) When a customer try to checkout return to shopping cart then to checkout, to shopping cart and so....


Any idea out of there???


Please help, help, help !!!!


Many thanks in advance!



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#1 you probably ran a script twice adding to the database

#2 do u have cookies enabled or false, etc? ssl enabled, not enabled?


Dear Mibble,

thank you very much for your quick answer!


The settings here are as follow:


use cache: true

force cookies use: false

ssl: not enabled


I have verified the database tables and fixed the problem #1. Thanks for suggestion.



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