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I am working on a wishlist mod for osc. most of the code to add a item and view the wishlist is figured out the main problem is the checkout part

setting the delivery address should not be to hard to do but my thoughts lie on abuse of the wishlist eg sending a wislist item per COD


fuctions that i am looking into are letting the customer set there wishlist to view or no view for others


sending the wish per mail


basics are:

using the shopping cart functions to add a wish


Useing the productlisting to display a wishlist


adding the shopping cart display to the customrs details to remove a wish


useing the tell a frend to send the wish to others


This will not be hard to do because all i am doing is adding another shopping cart and calling it wislist


If anyone has any other ideas please post your comments



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This is one I have been waiting for, for a while :-)


Unfortunately I'm not a programmer.


This is going to be a big contribution


Any idea when it will be contributed?


Another idea is to have the list automatically remove the item from the list once it has been purchased by someone. This keeps someone from getting the same gift twice.


Maybe also allow the customer setting up the list to choose a quantity they would like and after that quantity has been purchased the item removes itself. Or say if some would like three umm... baby pajamas, when someone purchases 1 of them the quantity updates itself to 2. then when the other two are purchased it removes the item.


This would work good for Baby showers, weddings, etc...


Also you could have the whole wishlist expire on a certain date. say if a wedding is set for oct 23, the wishlist stays visible until that day then automatically deletes itself on that day.


Just a few thoughts.


I am so glad to see someone working on thiscontribution and I would be happy to help with testing

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This is one I have been waiting for, for a while :-)


I agree. I am still very, very new to php, but if there is anything I can do to help out this contrib, please let me know. I truly believe that everyone would benefit from this one!



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Will the wish list allow the person viewing the list to send the product to the individual that created the list? If so, I was under the impression that this could cause issues with credit card validation. Just curious, sounds like a really good mod.

If every member of this board donated $1 to the dev team, that would be over $11,000.00. Don't you think this cart is worth at least a $1????

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I agree, this looks like it will be a very cool osC contrib!


A virtual high-five to you kscott when you get it to work.  :wink:


I'm sure that the PHP and osC gurus within the forums will be able to help you out, when they have the time.


PHP-Noobies like me keep them busy, so you might have to do it all by yourself for a while. :D :D :D


Good luck!


Running osC - 2.2MS2. P.S. Please don't ask for a link to my site, it is on a production server and not available for the general public, yet!

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