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Ask a Question problem

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I had to switch the site over to SMTP authorization and now when a customer asks a question it sends the question to me but lists my email address as both the from and to so I have no way to reply to the person asking the question. Is there a way to either fix this or to add the email address to the body of the email?

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Okay, I found a workaround for this which is simply to put the email address into the body of the email received by Admin-


in the includes/languages/english/ask_a_question I added the bold line:

define('TEXT_EMAIL_INTRO', '%s' . "\n\n" . 'A customer, %s, has a question about: %s - %s.');

define('TEXT_EMAIL_CUSTOMER_EMAIL', 'Customer Email Address: %s');

define('TEXT_EMAIL_LINK', 'Here is the product link:' . "\n\n" . '%s');



in catalog/ask_a_question this bolded line:

$email_body = sprintf(TEXT_EMAIL_INTRO, $to_name, $from_name, $product_info['products_name'], $product_info['products_model'], STORE_NAME) . "\n\n";


if (tep_not_null($message)) {

$email_body .= $message . "\n\n";


$email_body = sprintf(TEXT_EMAIL_CUSTOMER_EMAIL, $from_email_address) . "\n\n";


$email_body .= sprintf(TEXT_EMAIL_LINK, tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'])) . "\n\n" .


The email still comes from the admin address to the admin address but the customer's email addy is displayed at the top of the email admin receives.

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