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Software similar to Photoshop

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I have downloaded from the contributions section of osCommerce several templates, buttons, and logo creation templates that can be made cutsomizable, but they all seem to require Adobe Photoshop to do so, which I don't have. I looked on Adobe's website, and I see there is a 30 day trial available, the price to buy Photoshop is out of my range. Does anyone know if the 30 day trial allows full use of the software without any sort of copyright on the images made with it or any other limitations during the trial period to where I could use that and make sure I get everything I want to done in 30 days? Is there another software available that is not quite as expensive that will open PSD files? Are there other types of software that I can try to make my own from scracth that won't open PSD files, but will create the templates, buttons and logo's I am in need of in a similar manner? Sorry for such a newbie question but I really don't know much about graphics creation software and what is the best all in one solution that is a little more affordable than Photoshop and I really don't have the extra funds to play the trial and error game of buying software only to get it home and find out that it doesn't do what I am really looking for. Thank you in advance to all who reply, your help is GREATLY appreciated!!

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