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EasyPopulate store problem

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I've installed EasyPopulate for a client in his store at www.belowcheap.com. It works fine using the configure.php script below. But there's a couple things going on. First, he's installed a osc template that changes the format of the store, so it's not the standard layout. The second issue is that he installed the store 2 directories deep into belowcheap.com/brandnew/osc and the Admin area is in belowcheap.com/brandnew/osc/wyco. So both the catalog and admin folders have been renamed to osc and wyco respectively. The format stayed in place for the store and EP works fine, but when you click on anything in the store, it tries to go to URL's that don't appear to be defined.


For instance, if you're in the store and click on one of the Manufacturers, it tries to go to the following address:




As you can see, dir_ws_http_catalog doesn't appear to be defined for some reason. I tried adding a definition as you'll see below for both WS and FS, but it's still doing the same thing. Is this dir_ws_http_catalog defined somewhere else or am I missing something? Basically, how do I fix this problem?


Here's the configure.php file that's in the catalog/admin/includes directory (osc/wyco/includes in his case):




osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions



Copyright © 2003 osCommerce


Released under the GNU General Public License



// Define the webserver and path parameters

// * DIR_FS_* = Filesystem directories (local/physical)

// * DIR_WS_* = Webserver directories (virtual/URL)

define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://belowcheap.com'); // eg, http://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers

define('HTTP_CATALOG_SERVER', 'http://belowcheap.com');

define('HTTPS_CATALOG_SERVER', 'https://belowcheap.com');

define('ENABLE_SSL_CATALOG', 'false'); // secure webserver for catalog module

define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '/home/below/public_html/brandnew/'); // where the pages are located on the server

define('DIR_WS_ADMIN', '/brandnew/osc/wyco/'); // absolute path required

define('DIR_FS_ADMIN', '/home/below/public_html/brandnew/osc/wyco/'); // absolute pate required

define('DIR_WS_CATALOG', '/brandnew/osc/'); // absolute path required

define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', '/home/below/public_html/brandnew/osc/'); // absolute path required

define('DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG', '/brandnew/osc/'); // absolute path required

define('DIR_FS_HTTP_CATALOG', '/home/below/public_html/brandnew/osc/'); // absolute path required

define('DIR_WS_IMAGES', 'images/');

define('DIR_WS_ICONS', DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'icons/');

define('DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES', DIR_WS_CATALOG . 'images/');

define('DIR_WS_INCLUDES', 'includes/');

define('DIR_WS_BOXES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'boxes/');

define('DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'functions/');

define('DIR_WS_CLASSES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'classes/');

define('DIR_WS_MODULES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'modules/');

define('DIR_WS_LANGUAGES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'languages/');

define('DIR_WS_CATALOG_LANGUAGES', DIR_WS_CATALOG . 'includes/languages/');

define('DIR_FS_CATALOG_LANGUAGES', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/languages/');

define('DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'images/');

define('DIR_FS_CATALOG_MODULES', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/modules/');

define('DIR_FS_BACKUP', DIR_FS_ADMIN . 'backups/');


// define our database connection

define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost'); // eg, localhost - should not be empty for productive servers

define('DB_SERVER_USERNAME', 'below_osc1');

define('DB_SERVER_PASSWORD', '8{JR7T58ve35');

define('DB_DATABASE', 'below_osc1');

define('USE_PCONNECT', 'false'); // use persisstent connections?

define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql'); // leave empty '' for default handler or set to 'mysql'


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