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Asking about forums and os commerce in one? www.zleague.com

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<a href="http://www.zleague.com">www.zleague.com</a> is forums site about football discussions... i want to start a shop can it be integrated into forum somehow? :thumbsup:


I am not familiar with who made your forum (PUNBB) but here is my suggestion


1> Install Joomla

2> Install SimpleMachines forum (simplemachines.org)

3> Install Joomla SMF Bridge from JoomlaHacks.com

4> Install Oscommerce Joomla Bridge from Joomlahacks.com http://www.joomlahacks.com/component/optio...c,select/id,77/


Everything will be integrated (Joomla, Oscommerce, SimpleMachines Forum).


While I have never bridged oscommerce yet with Joomla, I have bridged Joomla and SMF a bajillion times

and never had a problem and it works great.


That would be my suggestion anyway.

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