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Weird stuff... Disapearing Adresses...

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When a user tries to buy something from my site, the adres dissapears when proccessing the order... I can't see the adres in the comfirmation mail, the order admin page and the packaging slip... but it's still in the user information...


if you want to help me, take a look @



if you create a test account please use the word "TEST" in your name, so I can delete those accounts when it's done... the orders will not be processed when you use "TEST" in your name...


contributions I used:

- Option Type (v1.0) (thank you for the help, chandra)

- Payment type charge (currently not working)

- Account Signup Management 1.0 (upgrading to 1.1 becouse of the "land" bug)

- Some minor adjustments

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