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MVS and State Tax(willing to pay)

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I'm running MVS (newest version) on MS 2.2 and it works great. I've customized a lot of it myself. I tried to solve this issue myself, couldn't, so I played around with some other shopping cart suites and am back here. X-Cart in particular allowed exactly what I need - Each Vendor (they call them provider) sets up their own state tax and rates and then on checkout, the cart looks at each product individually as to which vendor it belongs to and whether or not state tax applies. However a lot of other things were wrong with x-cart, especially the price.


Simple Example(making up tax rates):


Vendor A: Is owner of product 1 and has set up CO state tax to 3.0 (physical address in Colorado)


Vendor B: is owner of product 2 and has set up CA state tax to 5.0 (physical address in California)


Customer puts product 1 and product 2 into their basket. Customer creates account and is getting items shipped to Colorado Zip Code.


In this event, the State Tax of 3.0 should be applied to product 1 but not to product 2. Both vendors drop ship their products. When the vendors are paid, Vendor A gets paid any state tax collected for them.


The way MVS functions, is to look only at the "Main" store's zip code. I require that on checkout, tax rates are applied per product, and per that Vendor's tax rates. Has anybody set this up this way?


Like I said, I've hacked through it and gotten kind of close but not quite there. If someone would like to give me a quote I would consider paying just to get this done! Thanks in advance for any help, let me know if you read this and think I may have more luck in another forum.

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