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Stopping Credit Class GV from charging shipping?

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Hi All,


I have Credit Class GV installed and it seems to be working perfectly, except that it is charging for shipping.


In Admin->Order Total Modules->Gift Vouchers I have:

Include Shipping = false It's still charging shipping

Include Taxes = false It's not charging taxes


I'm using Table Rate for Shipping

I have it configured for anything up to $99.99 is $6.75, $100.00 and up shipping is free. That is also working fine.


How can I stop the $6.75 to stop being charged to the Gift vouchers?


Any help would be much appreciated.



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The include shipping option is only to stop Gifr voucher value being applied to shipping charges.


So if some one buys Goods for $8 and shipping is $2 and have a Gift voucher value $10. They will still have to pay $2 by other method.


On to your problem. I assume from your posting that you are using the table rate calculated on price.


I have a modified version of table class, email me at ian@phesis.co.uk and I'll send it.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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