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image mod anyone?

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I know there are several image mods but i cant seem to find the most obvious solution!


I am looking for a mod with 2 images, one small icon for displaying in the general categories and another larger one so that when you select that product you can see a arger image alongside the description.


I know there is one with 3 images, as above but also a larger pop up one but i am looking for just the 2 images without a popup.


Is there an existing mod out there that i am missing or does anyone know what code to rip outta the 3 images one so that i dont have the option to upload a 3rd larger image and it doesn;t have the link to the popup image


THANKS in advance



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If you have GD 2.1 installed in your php version I would highly recommend the contribution that automatically creates images OF ANY SIZE you specifiy. Works like an absolute charm & is the most flexible:




This module was based upon J?rg V. Bryne's module that does the same with the external NetPBM program:



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Hey this is exactly what i am looking for too...kinda of...


have 2 images...small jpeg...large jpeg

click on small jpeg to see larger jpeg in new pop up window


Mattice, your suggestion is great however, I need to use the 2 jpegs, since the larger jpeg differs from the smaller one


any other ideas? I looked at MO PICS and image resize, do not really want to touch my database without first knowing if it would work correctly with my snapshot oct 14


thx in advance!!

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