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Automatic Conditions of usage: HELP!

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Sorry for repeat topic, but I am desperate..lol.


I am still a bit of a newbie to PHP, but am currently working on a template for conditions of usage that I plan to use as a contribution once complete.


Basically what I am trying to do is this:


1. Using a basic e-commerce conditions of usage text information.

2. Pulling company name variable as stored in database, and seen in admin configuration page.

3. Pulling default email address as stored in database, and seen in admin configuration page.


The first part is done, the basic text, but being new to PHp I have no clue how to go about automatically pulling the company name and default email address into my conditions text dynamically. This would be of course place into the following file:




And must work with the current default shnapshot of this file:


define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'My template conditions text'');



I was looking for a quick fix on some of these sections so I don't have to retype everything, etc, for each customer I have.


Any help is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to send you a copy once complete!





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