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VAT in Europe

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If you sell and ship products to a customer in another European Country. You have to declare the VAT of the destination country on the bill. How do I setup this feature in OSCOMMERCE, do I need a contribution.

The prices for the product on my website are always vat included (21%). If I ship the products to the Netherlands the customer has to pay (19% vat.) . The gross-price stays the same. (So I make an extra 2% profit in this example).

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Within the EU, if you are registered for VAT, you can only charge on at your domestic rate. If the customer is in another EU country and they are VAT registered, then they are entitled to pay the net price (provided they supply you with their VAT number).


As a seller, you don't vary the VAT according to EU country. If you are vat registered, you charge VAT at your own country's rate to any EU buyer unless they are also a VAT registered company. I'm in the UK, but as far as I am aware, you always have to charge VAT to customers in your own country (it is their responsibility to claim it back on the VAT returns).


You don't charge VAT to customers outside the EU.





I'm trying to configure OSCommerce to reflect what I've said above, with little success. Any advice on setting up EU vat through localization/taxes in admin would be gratefully appreciated...

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