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Limited Stock by Article

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Limited Stock by Article


Die Contribution ermöglicht, einzelne Artikel nur bis zum Lagerbestand zu verkaufen, auch wenn Allow Checkout in der Konfiguration auf true gesetzt ist. Dies ist sinnvoll für Artikel, die der Lieferant nicht mehr nachliefern kann, also Auslaufartikel oder Sonderposten. Funktioniert auch mit QTPro.


This Contribution allows to sell single Articles only while they are in stock, even if allow checkout is set true in the configuration parameters. This is important for discontinued articles. It works also with QTPro.





First, thanks alot for this wonderfull contribution, well done :thumbsup:


I have a little request for the author or anyone else with PHP skills.


I want to make it this way:


If stock is only 0 then show the preorder message and make checkout possible,

If stock is -1 or less then don't checkout


By this way I can show the status of 0 stock to ready for order from my vendor and if it's -1 or less then product isn't ordreable from my vendor.


Thanks alot

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