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Modyfing Linkpoint CC Gateway Mod

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My current store is working fine with Oscommerce with linkpoint for CC gateway.I bought PHP Wrapper. But I want to customize it more with following features:

1. Take the CVM from customer

2. Charge Customer only after delivery.

3. Work with AVS(Address Verification system and display messages on Admin panel of Oscommerce and little more.


I'm currently using this contribution, please take a look at it :



and here is the documentation from linkpoint about php wrapper.



I think it shouldn't be that much work. I know some of you are expert on it and can do it quickly..

I am ready for some contribution :) and also after finishing the contribution we can post it for community.

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I followed the direction you listed and I receive the following message:

There has been an error processing you credit card, please try again.: CC-2603: Unable to open/parse client certificate file.


Do you know what this is.

Also, please let me know if you found someone to help (for a fee).


Thanks and good luck



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