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Looking for contribution - I know it exists

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Can anyone tell me the name of this contribution? I remember it being uploaded a few months ago. Basically it would allow you to create a page outside of your catalog directory that would show images from the Catalog.


Essentially I want to create an HTML only site for just ONE of our product lines and use the images from the catalog in this site.


I know the contribution exists, but I can't remember what it's called.





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If my memory serves me well (You never know :D ) it was not a contribution, but a discussion.


But you can allways use:


<img src="http://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/images/yourpic.jpg>

like this:



in any outside html-file.

Best Regards


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Here you go:




From the description:


08/28/2002 - catalog_anywhere.zip (2.2-CVS) Author: Patrick Veverka


This will allow you to show a catalog of your products outside of your osc directory. It offers great inherent customization and is simple to customize beyond my additions. All you have to do is change some settings and upload to wherever you want to show your catalog. This catalog allows you to choose how many products per page to show to manage download time.



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